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Smile Analysis

Smile Analysis 1


Your smile plays a major role in how you perceive yourself. A charming smile can open doors and shatter ceilings that stand between you and a fuller, richer life.
If you’re not completely happy, perhaps it’s time to get your New Smile!!!


If you’re not happy with your smile or curious about possibly changing it, consider the components of a beautiful smile. It is important to know your particular issues so you can understand and discuss what you are really looking for.
It will help your cosmetic dentist to develop a treatment plan that meets your long-term goals.


When you’re talking about getting a beautiful perfect smile, you must understand that a smile consists of, Not Only the teeth, but it also includes gum tissue that is visible when you’re speaking or when your lips are in ‘full smile’.

Below are some of our components of our smile analysis to assist you in identifying areas of focus. Changes to your smile can make a significant difference in the overall composition of your face.


1.In a slight, ‘half’ smile, with teeth parted, do the tips of your teeth show?

Smile Analysis 2

2.Do your front teeth stick out?

Smile Analysis 3

3.Are the lengths of your central incisors in proportion with your other front teeth?

Smile Analysis 4

4.Are the widths of your central incisors in proportion with your other front teeth?

Smile Analysis 5

5.Do you have a space (or spaces) between your front teeth (or any teeth)?

Smile Analysis 6

6.Are the six lower front teeth straight and even in length?

Smile Analysis 7

7.If your front teeth contain tooth-colored filling(s), do they match the shade of your teeth?

Smile Analysis 8

8.Do any of your teeth have visible cracks, chips, or fractures?

Smile Analysis 9

9.Are your back teeth free of stains and discolorations?

Smile Analysis 10

10.Do your restorations – fillings, porcelain veneers, and crowns – look natural?

Smile Analysis 11

11.Are your front teeth crowned or overlapping?

Smile Analysis 12

13.Are any of your front teeth darker than the others?

Smile Analysis 13

12.Do you have any missing teeth that you have not replaced?

Smile Analysis 14

14.When you smile broadly, the so called ‘full smile’, are your teeth all the same shade?

Smile Analysis 15


1.Have your gums receded from the necks of your teeth?

Smile Analysis 16

3.Are your gums red and or swollen?

Smile Analysis 17

2.When you smile broadly, do your gums show, and how much is visible?

Smile Analysis 18

4.Do the curvatures of your gums create half- moon shapes around each tooth?

Smile Analysis 19


1. Is your mouth free of decay and gum disease, which can cause bad breath?


1. Do your cheeks and lip area have a sunken-in appearance?

Smile Analysis 20

2. Do your teeth complement your facial shape?

Smile Analysis 21

3. Does the midline of your teeth align with the midline of your face?

Smile Analysis 22

4. Is the shape of your teeth appropriately masculine or feminine for your overall look?

Smile Analysis 23

Reference : Ronald E. Goldstein, DDS.