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Dental Crown

– It is a cap or cover used by a dentist to cover a tooth to bring out its nature function. Dental Crown Phuket

– Cosmetic purposes can also benefit from the same utility.



Why do you need a DENTAL CROWN?

There are a few reasons your tooth may need to acquire a crown :
– Exceptional large cavities that hinder the regular filling
– An enamel surface that is either cracked or worn down
– After the root canal treatment 
– A discolor or a shape that looks ugly 
– Cosmetic dentistry purpose 


– A Dental Bridges is an option for missing tooth or teeth Maintaining your facial structure replacement. 
Dental Bridges
– At least 2 crowns replace the edentulous area by connecting together. 

– The normal tooth/teeth or dental implant support the dental bridge in the scenario. 

– The tooth/teeth or dental implant that support the bridges are known as ABUTMENT while the crown that is a fake tooth is referred to as PONTIC.

Why do you need DENTAL BRIDGES?

A missing tooth or teeth can affect you in several ways. Its replacement through dental bridges will make the following changes:

– Restoration of your smile
– Maintaining of your remaining teeth in the correct position
– Reinstating your speaking and eating functions
– Maintaining your facial structure

Types of Dental Bridges

– Traditional Dental Bridges
– Cantilever Bridges
– Maryland Bridges
– Implant-Supported Bridges

Traditional Dental Bridges:

This type of bridge can be used only when you have natural teeth on both side of the gap. The gap can arise from the missing of at least 1 tooth. 

However, it would be best to have a discuss with a dentist or a specialist if this will be the right choice for your maximum benefit.

Cantilever BridgesCantilever Bridges:

It is just like the traditional dental bridges with the exception of your need for only a
natural tooth next to the gap. 

Find out from your dentist if it can be done or not.

There is some limitation about this type of the bridges.

Maryland BridgeMaryland Bridge:

This type of the bridge is suitable when missing only a front tooth (#12 – #22, #32 – #42).

Maryland Bridge utilizes a metal or ceramic framework bond onto the backs of the teeth adjacent to the gap.

Since this bridge type has a little effect on the adjacent teeth, it is a more suitable treatment for replacing the missing tooth without changing the initial looking comparison with other tooth replacement choices.

Implant Supported Bridges Implant-Supported Bridges:

This type of bridge would be an ideal option for use if you are missing at least 3 teeth.

With the exception of the use of dental crown Phuket on dental implants, this form is similar to the traditional dental bridges to the abutments instead of the natural teeth.

There will be several steps with the procedure, taking several months before completion.

Material Used for Dental Crown and Bridges 

Dental crown or dental bridges Phuket  are made from several types of material. It can be made of:

– Porcelain/Ceramic (metal free)
– Metal alloys
– Gold
– A combination of porcelain and metal alloys (PFM)
– Zirconium (metal free)

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For dental crown phuket, The most common use and the latest in dentistry would be:

All ceramic or porcelain, normally deployed in esthetics cases since it can offer better color, translucency and appearance due to its lack of metal content.


Zirconium is yet another material for dental crowns as well as bridges. This material has durability, close resemblance texture and appearance to a nature tooth. It is also common and normal due to its ready integration with the gum and other teeth beating all the other materials.

Porcelain fused to metal alloy (PFM) is another choice of material that has been used for long before the others emerged. The use of porcelain fused to metal provides a tougher repair than porcelain would do alone.

Gold alloy is the best material for any type of tooth repair. It is highly bio-compatible with the gum. It has fracture and wear resistance and it does not wear away the opposite tooth enamel. The only undesirable thing is the color which will never be identical with the natural tooth color.

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The Dental Crown or Bridges Procedure

First Visit:

A dental examination for getting dental crown Phuket or bridges, x-ray and taking the impression will be recorded for the initial condition.

The impression is used for preparing the temporary restorations.

Then the dentist will give the local anesthesia and make sure that all the working area are numb before starting the preparation processes. 

The recontouring of the involved tooth/teeth will then follow, this is in order to create space for a crown placing over them.

Another impression of the teeth is made which serve as a model from which crowns, pontics, or bridges will be made by a dental lab.

A temporary restoration will then be delivered as a protection for the exposed tooth/teeth and gum while the permanent restoration is being made.

Second Visit: 

The dentist will give you another local anesthesia to detach the temporary restoration.

The dentist will then deliver the final restoration, dental crown Phuket or dental bridges Phuket, ensuring the proper fitting and correct functioning.

In most cases, the dentist would fix temporary cement for the dental bridges to ensure their proper fitting.

The patient would be asked to come back for rechecking in a few days  which the dentist would change from temporary to a permanent cement for the dental crown Phuket or dental bridges.

How do you take care of a dental crown and dental bridges?

It is important to remember that there is the natural tooth and the surrounding gum tissue under the dental crown Phuket and gum tissue under the pontics.

This ,therefore, normal care just like for the other remaining teeth.

– Proper brushing of your teeth using the right technic at least twice daily
– Using the dental flossing between the teeth and super floss to clean under the pontics area
– Have a regular dental check up to prevent unexpected problems, at least twice a year.
– Keep the regular cleaning appointment with the dentist or dental hygienist

Normal good oral hygiene and regular checkup will make the dental crown Phuket and dental bridges Phuket  last more than 10 years.

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