All on 4 / All on 6 Is Considered As

: Dental Implant in A Day

: An Innovative method of Dental implantation

: A surgical and technique prosthodontics procedure for total rehabilitation of the patient without teeth or the patient with poor condition teeth which must be removed

: Using 4-6 Implants to support the new set of teeth in each jaw



The Procedure of All-On-4 Dental Implants

at NewSmileDentists, Phuket Dentists,

All-On-4 Techniques allow us to deliver immediate teeth with the FIXED provisional prostheses.

Later on, after 4-6 months, the final prostheses will be delivered.

If you want the preliminary treatment plan information, please send all the information you have to us ( it can be sent by e-mail or by post).

: Photos

Dentist Prices


: OPG x-ray

Dental x-ray

: CT Scan /3D

Dental CT Scan

: Treatment Plan if you have been to any clinic before

: Medical History including daily taking medicines



To do All-On-4 procedures, it takes 2 trips (4-6 months in between)  to complete the whole process.  Book Now For FREE Consultation!

1st Trip  : You will get your FIXED provisional prostheses.

2nd Trip : You will get your final prostheses .Fixed Prostheses OR  Removable Prostheses.